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Driving business innovation with inclusive growth

Technology has been playing a vital role in the financial services sector in terms of infusing more efficiency in the business processes, thereby optimizing costs for the businesses and enhancing convenience for the consumers. In the present times, technology is also being viewed as the key agent for driving business innovation and transforming the business models through finding fortune at the bottom of the pyramid by financial inclusion.

For the consumer well-being, this fast-changing ecosystem requires active deliberations amongst all stakeholders, and the Outlook Money Digital Dialogues aims to facilitate an active exchange of thoughts between policy makers, bureaucracy, thought leaders, and senior professionals from the industry, including the financial services intermediaries.

The Outlook Money Digital Dialogues aims to further the momentum and advance comprehensive discussions regarding holistic integration of technology across all domains in the financial services sector for driving business leadership through inclusive growth.

At the end of the year-long activity, a report would be submitted to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Event Date: New Delhi: December 16, 2015